Tuesday, March 11, 2014

RG's First Peek A Boo Collage

Okay, this activity need little planning and the best part you can use any bits and scraps of paper. this was the first time RG did a collage. whats a collage?
Collage (From the French: coller, to glue,) is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. (from Wiki).

Well, todays' activity not fully collage but it was collage with a twist. since its her first time, i wasnt exactly focusing on a themed collage or a collage with a certain topic or educational outcome in mind, i was rather focusing on her fine motor skills. 

but how important collages are in learning? You can read about it here. but basically, young children can work with simple collage materials and beads to introduce numbers, positive and negative space, classification, and sequencing and pattern recognition. 

Items needed:

Bits and Pieces of paper (we used printed paper just because thats what i had in hand)
2 pieces of construction paper

First i had RG draw random shapes and lines. no right or wrong here.. anything goes!

RG drawing curved lines

Then i helped her cut out (using a sharp art knife) random holes according to the pattern RG drew.

Now comes paper cutting time.. RG just went crazy cutting pieces of paper... some of the print has hexagonal shapes so for some of the shapes she ahd a guideline that she had to follow. this activity is in line with preschool skill of learning how to cut.

Cutting time!
then comes the gluing part.  since the pieces were many after a while RG lost her interest. note to self: the next time i should be trying a theme based collage OR try not to cover every inch of the paper. but in this instance, every part of the page was covered. she also used stickers at the end.

Gluing time!
The finished project. 
Voila! when its closed it looks like this!!!

A pretty cool activity!

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