Sunday, March 9, 2014

Initiation of GJ into our activities..

Ok, finally we got GJ into our activities. first, both were already fed so i guess the mood was good enough for the big one to accommodate her brother and the small one not to cry so much. hehe...

this was just a simple drawing with crayon. i got RG a set of crayola for her birthday last week, so we used that set today... i gave them each a page from RG's art book and gave them the crayons. and just sat back and watched...

GJ pretty much got the idea that crayons go to paper... but in between he decided that he wanted to taste the crayons too... so he needed a bit of supervision... but other than that it was good fun.

GJ at first just holding and watching RG
GJ writing at the EXACT same spot as RG much to RG's chagrin
GJ's first solo art
A collaborative art between RG and GJ.. with RG being blue and GJ being brown
RG's abstract umbrella

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