Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Impasto Pencil holder: A work of art

I don't have a pencil/pen holder in my office. so I thought of getting one. Then I thought I might as well get safeerah to do one for me!

So I bought a plain wooden box holder (RM3.90, that's about 1.20 US Dollar) and set up the workspace for RG. The red flowers are just stickers and the plastic flowers salvaged from a hantaran (wedding gift).

The stuff needed:

Items needed (we didnt even use the sticker nor the flowers)
and I let her paint. This activity took her about 45 minutes.
She used really a lot of paint making the painting thick! I wonder if this can be considered impasto since her brush strokes are so visible and the paint extremely heavy.. 

Artist at work

but it turned out real wonderful and is sitting  proudly at my desk at work!

View from one side
The other side
At my desk!!! i love it!

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