Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vegetable week 2: Colouring and Memory Game

Hello everyone..

Last nights activity was the second night in the vegetable week. We started of vege week with a simple science project that will last a few days (and posted up when its done)..

Tonights activity focuses on fine motor skills, basic writing as well as introduction to vegetable via a creative use of flashcards. The learning objectives today:

1. Learn how to colour within lines (which became a mess after RG got bored and wanted to finish it fast)

2. Hone fine motor skills by tracing shapes (reinforcing writing skills)

3. Learn name of vegetables by playing a Memory game with simple 2 sets printed flash cards (the flashcards are so awesome i took it off this link http://www.mrprintables.com/printable-vocabulary-flash-cards-fruit-vegetable.html)

So... how did it go? The first 2 activities are combined into one.. i made a simple 2 page template where RG is to trace the vege first before colouring it in. You can get the template here once i upload it.

The second activity is basically arranging the flashcards facedown and play a classic memory game. Though with all the tech advancements like ipads offering the same thing with much less effort, RG enjoyed the hands on game a lot more than i thought she would .... so, yay!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Construction Week: Lets write!

The final activity for construction week: writing and learning a bit about construction vehicles...RG was also exposed to small caps and capital letters... this activity has 3 parts:
1. A basic explanation of the types of construction vehicles..
2. Tracing the letters that spell the vehicles.. while sounding them out one by one  
3. Cut and paste small letters to correspond to the same capital letters.

the objective of these activities are:

1. For RG to recognize small letters
2. Basic exposure to construction vehicles
3. Enhance basic writing skills.

RG liked the cut and paste wayy more than the other two ... she still has troubles differentiating b,d,p, a and q ...

the activity is printable... i will upload the PDF very soon (as in: as soon as i know how! :P).... the sources i used are also listed below.

have fun!!
Some easy preparation  needed... i learnt new things too!

The font too dark.. in the printable i have adjusted the shading

RG liked this activity more!


Construction Week: Math by Measuring

Hello everyone... following this week's theme, i was thinking how to incorporate math into an fun activity for RG... finally we settled on math by measuring. The objectives of this activity are:

1. Be familiar that builders measure things.
2. Measurements are taken using measuring tape
3. To familiarize RG with the numbers 11-15 at the very least.

So. the activity was underway. it had a few parts:

1. Drawing the basic of our home: (whats downstairs and upstairs? parents have to guide the kids to choose simple measurable items). i chose a few items within the 20-25inches range.
2. Teach the basics of the measurement tape. We didn't use any metric or US unit (though we referred to inches for ease), instead we just used the word 'UNIT'. e.g this tile is 7 units long.
3. then just start measuring!
1. The items needed
2. we draw basics of our home
3. Safeerah counting to measure

4. some of the measurements made simple
5. The end result.

a few things i learnt while teaching RG:

1. this activity was slightly too advanced for her. so i scaled it down to simply counting simple things. fr example, instead f measuring the length of the bed, we just measured one of the legs. you get the idea.

2. she had trouble reading the tape as it had both inches and centimeter. maybe a simpler tape would have been better.

3. it took RG a while to realise she can just read off the numbers in the tape. initially she just counted from 1 until the length of whatever we were measuring. but by the end she kinda got the idea.. yay!

the next activity wll be writing and recognizing small caps.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Construction Week: Reading and Building

The objective of these two days.. is construction related reading and a building activity.
A. Reading
Since i have limited time with RG and GJ.. i try to make some activities that take up no more than 30 mins. for reading, i chose two books that has the related theme... and it was as easy as choosing Bob the Builder books for that.. accompanied by RG's hard hat, we had a good time reading. :):)

B Building
i dont have a picture for this activity, but basically RG had a good time building bridges, buildings and towers using her wooden blocks and lego.. these two toys are the best for kids. i have imaginarium wooden blocks and duplo lego.

Construction Week: Painting Rocks!

Hello everyone... ive always wanted to do thematic type of activities... and have a whole list of them in my workfile...

So since there was a renovation going on near my place and RG took an interest to it.. constructions became our first theme..

The objective of this week were
1. For her to recognize small caps alphabets
2. For her to recognize number 11 to 15
3. For the to be exposed to construction vehicles
4. Reading
5. Crafting

So since i came across some rocka today.. this was the first activity. Materials needed:
1. Rocks
2. Some paint

Just go creative!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Minions felt sling bag


After a long time in work in progress stage.. ive finished the despicable me minions sling bag for RG.. its very very easy... with a few coloured felts and some basic sewing.. materials needed are:

1. banana yellow felt
2. blue felt
3. black felt
4. white felt
5. brown felt
6. grey felt
7. salmon felt.
8. some snap.buttons

the layout will be uploaded soon as i did this in the spur of the moment.. 

RG modeled it for me too.. :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Salam and Hi!

Since in am new to this blogging thingy, i thought some introductions will be necessary. the main aim of this blog would be to share the journey i have with my two munchkins, herewith will be known as RasGulla (RG) and Gulab Jamun (GJ). Mostly i will be updating the activities we do together at home that can also double as learning through play. 

But first things first. a little bit more abt RG and GJ. RG is creative 3 year old who loves to paint. GJ is a bumbling 6 month old who is just learning to crawl and disturb his sister in every way he can.
GJ and RG before bedtime.

Throughout this blog, we will be seeing a LOT of these 2 and what they are upto. the first few posts fllowing this however, would be all the crafts and painting done by RG upto now. 

Good Day everyone!