Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Express activity: RG's Art Glass

Salam and Hello everyone,

i was just coming back from work and RG was a bit cranky. i wanted to do something quick and brainless (for me but not her! LOL)...

These are the stuff i gave her:

1. Piece of paper
2. Her old box of coloured pencils/crayon/marker
3. 8 pieces of butterfly wood buttons (that i picked up ages ago).

and i asked her what she wanted to do with it. hehehe sneaky of me isnt it? i dont have to think for her instead, i am making her think. but to my surprise, RG told me she wanted to make something called 'RG's art Glass' where she was gonna draw a glass (well, she didnt, she asked me to outline a large glass), then fill it with water and put the butterflies in the glass.

so thats what she did.

The skill learned in this is to colour within lines
She wanted to colour each of the butterfly but decided against it after the first three.
After adding a straw, her art is done!

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