Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Phonics fun

Hello everyone... a quick way to get your preschooler to practice phonics.. this is what i discovered (by accident)...

While in the car going somewhere (school, grandma's etc) make a game out of phonics! Spot a word like tree.. say out loud 'tree!'

Then stress the phonetic sound of first letter.. 't.. t.. '(just the sound of the letter mind you)

And then ask her to guess what letter makes that sound..

RG said 'T!'

Then let your child choose the next word and you stress the sound of the first letter and make her guess it..

We went on like this for 20 mins.. then she got tired.. this method is just re-inforcing what she learns in a fun way!!

For beginners, try using the leapfrog video alphabet sounds Letter Factory to begin with.. RG found it very engaging! Ill post the link in my fb page..

Or you can just you tube it!

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