Thursday, March 13, 2014

Corrugated paper fun

Okay, i didn't take many pictures for this activity. mainly because i was really tired and wanted to finish the activity quickly.. but then once we got into it it was kind of fun. the source for this material? it was just pre-cut coloured corrugated paper i found at a stationery shop near our place. 

the items needed for this activity
1. corrugated paper (pre-cut is faster but you can cut your own)
2. Six icecream sticks (wide ones)
3. Glue
4. Scissors

Then we just rolled them up to make a butterfly, a penguin, a snowman, a ladybug, a heart and a round creature (RG's creativity)

the googly eyes was an extra addition by RG.

Basic items; and lappy for ideas.
Finished items!

RG really loved her puppets (i thought they were pretty bookmarks). 

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