Sunday, March 2, 2014

Glitter Sea World

Hello all,

its been a while since i had the time to publish anything due to work commitments (but i have been periodically documenting them on Facebook). so this week will be a lot of backlog posts being published amidst new ones we do in the meantime too.

this activity is very simple. the objectives of this activity:

1. Experimenting with new materials (first time for RG to use glitter)
2. A semi 3D art 
3. Experience in handling glue (though i admit after a few disaster, i ended up applying the glue for her)

The steps are explained below:

1. Choose favorite theme: we chose sea world due to RG's favorite theme that week: shark. luckily we had a storybook at home with these cutie pie pics of sea creatures. in a different setting i would have let her draw but considering it was already late i just quickly outlined the following picture on to a black mounting board.

Such cute sea ceratures!

At first we tried using a dropper/spoon to nicely spread the glitter but later found out good ol' dirct sprinkling is still the best. 

That's RG holding up her final product.

the next day we finished up the second black mounting board, this time going freestyle art. i'll post up the pic later. both of it residing on the home fridge right now.

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