Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vegetable week 2: Colouring and Memory Game

Hello everyone..

Last nights activity was the second night in the vegetable week. We started of vege week with a simple science project that will last a few days (and posted up when its done)..

Tonights activity focuses on fine motor skills, basic writing as well as introduction to vegetable via a creative use of flashcards. The learning objectives today:

1. Learn how to colour within lines (which became a mess after RG got bored and wanted to finish it fast)

2. Hone fine motor skills by tracing shapes (reinforcing writing skills)

3. Learn name of vegetables by playing a Memory game with simple 2 sets printed flash cards (the flashcards are so awesome i took it off this link http://www.mrprintables.com/printable-vocabulary-flash-cards-fruit-vegetable.html)

So... how did it go? The first 2 activities are combined into one.. i made a simple 2 page template where RG is to trace the vege first before colouring it in. You can get the template here once i upload it.

The second activity is basically arranging the flashcards facedown and play a classic memory game. Though with all the tech advancements like ipads offering the same thing with much less effort, RG enjoyed the hands on game a lot more than i thought she would .... so, yay!!

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