Saturday, October 19, 2013

Construction Week: Lets write!

The final activity for construction week: writing and learning a bit about construction vehicles...RG was also exposed to small caps and capital letters... this activity has 3 parts:
1. A basic explanation of the types of construction vehicles..
2. Tracing the letters that spell the vehicles.. while sounding them out one by one  
3. Cut and paste small letters to correspond to the same capital letters.

the objective of these activities are:

1. For RG to recognize small letters
2. Basic exposure to construction vehicles
3. Enhance basic writing skills.

RG liked the cut and paste wayy more than the other two ... she still has troubles differentiating b,d,p, a and q ...

the activity is printable... i will upload the PDF very soon (as in: as soon as i know how! :P).... the sources i used are also listed below.

have fun!!
Some easy preparation  needed... i learnt new things too!

The font too dark.. in the printable i have adjusted the shading

RG liked this activity more!


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