Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Salam and Hi!

Since in am new to this blogging thingy, i thought some introductions will be necessary. the main aim of this blog would be to share the journey i have with my two munchkins, herewith will be known as RasGulla (RG) and Gulab Jamun (GJ). Mostly i will be updating the activities we do together at home that can also double as learning through play. 

But first things first. a little bit more abt RG and GJ. RG is creative 3 year old who loves to paint. GJ is a bumbling 6 month old who is just learning to crawl and disturb his sister in every way he can.
GJ and RG before bedtime.

Throughout this blog, we will be seeing a LOT of these 2 and what they are upto. the first few posts fllowing this however, would be all the crafts and painting done by RG upto now. 

Good Day everyone!


  1. I am just seeing this!! Awesome Sham! What a way to divert all that energy ;) You make me wanna have kids just to do all this :P (mengong kan aku ni.. hahaha!)