Thursday, April 3, 2014

Punched Paper collage

Hello everyone!

Another collage activity but this time it took us 2 days to do this.

The first day, I just gave RG a paper puncher and a supermarket deal booklet for her to punch holes in. Boy did she have a field day or what! 

I saved the punched pieces. They turned out real nice.. all colourful!

Colourful and ready to be used!

The next day we made a collage from it.... We drew a few hearts and then RG glued the little pieces according to her liking. She also drew some wheels and added some colours to other shapes using crayons.

RG loves the gluing part.
One finished heart
The finished product!! with her name on it!

She finished her collage with both the sun and the moon and her own name on it.. haha!!!

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