Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Home made concert!!

Its wonderful sometimes to see the imaginations of a child. All i saw was a bunch of diaper bags... but in the eyes of my RG, she saw a whole stage and an opportunity for concert!

the night before her debut performance she told all of us to be ready for the next night... she was going to hold a concert. i didnt realise what i was going too see..

the next day after i got back from work, she said 'ok everyone, after dinner i am going to do a concert'. and after patiently waiting for dinner to be over.. she set up her 'stage'... she put down a full diaper bag as the stage floor, stage backdrop and two half full bags as the side.

after giving a short intro RG gave us her rendition of 'the more we get together' rhyme... we also had a backup dancer.. GJ clad only in diapers suiting the theme so to speak..

a child's imagination.... it is exceedingly a beautiful thing!

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